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TopThreePicks for Thoroughbred Racing

Windows XP/Vista, 32 bit Operating Systems or
Windows 7, 32 bit or *64 bit Operating Systems.

TopThreePicks thoroughbred handicapping software for the personal computer uses state of the art database management technology and "time tested" mathematical equations to arrive at the predictions. The predictions are the result of a computer analysis of current race and past performance data obtained from racing forms and programs. Build your own past performance database with unlimited records! Get the TopThreePicks, Best Bet, Order of Finish and a Speed Factor for each race being handicapped!.

To use this software, you will need the current day racing forms or programs having past performance data for the race/s to be handicapped. You should be familiar with basic handicapping, know how to use racing forms/programs, and have a basic knowledge of entering data into a computer database. The handicapper program uses the Access 2007 Runtime Engine which is included with the software.

Don't rely on that unreliable download data. Entering data from the racing program/form allows for increased user flexibility.

Place that wager at the track, O.T.B., sports book or gambling casinos and get the odds in your favor!. Maybe you'll get that "long-shot" winner!!

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TopThreePicks Handicapper and Database Manager for Thoroughbred Racing handicaps a field of from 5 to 14 entries and consists of four basic elements;

Current Race Data
Past Performance Database
Entries Database

Quick and easy -  here's how
Program Features
- Select a race to handicap from the racing form or program.
- Easy to use data entry screens
- Enter the current race data.
- Handicap an 8 entry field in less than 15 minutes! 
- Select a “last good trip” from past performance data.
- Editing made fast and easy using ACCESS 2007 RunTime Module!
- Enter data into the entries and past performance database
- Build and maintain your own past performance database! 
- Get TopThree picks, best bet, order of finish & speed factors.
- Assemble your own fields - run your own race simulations! 
- Preview and print the predicted data.
- Manual provided in ADOBE format.
- Preview and Print the Past Performance Database.

Database Variables
Current Race Data:
date of race, track, race number, distance, class
Past Performance Database:
date of race, track, race number, jockey, class of race, medication, entry name, post position,  distance, handicap weight, speed rating/factor, winner time, win, place, show entries.
Entries Database:
post position, entry name, handicap weight, lengths behind/ahead at top of stretch, lengths behind/ahead at finish, number of starts, number of times in the money, number of wins, finish position.
TopThree picks, best bet, order of finish & speed factors.

System Requirements:
Windows XP, Vista 32 bit, or Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit operating systems.

To run on Windows 7 64 bit, you must have installed Windows 7 64 bit Professional or Ultimate operating system and downloaded the free Windows XP Mode/Windows Virtual PC from Microsoft.

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